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Upcoming events:

  • 2016 USA Arena Curling Championships May 10-15, 2016 West Chester, PA
    1. Tentative Coverage Schedule:
    2. Tuesday 4:30 PM - Pittsburgh vs. Cedar Rapids (Womens)
    3. Tuesday 8:00 PM - Kansas City vs Palmetto (Womens)
    4. Thursday 10:00 PM - Cedar Rapids vs Long Island (Mens)
    5. Friday 6;30 PM - San Francisco 3 vs Lansing (Womens)
    6. Friday 10:00 PM - Wine Country vs LaCrosse (Mens)
    7. Saturday 11:30 PM - Tie Breaker (Womens)
    8. Saturday 3:00 PM - Tie Breaker (Mens)

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