Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is CurlingGeek? CurlingGeek is a free way for people to follow curling games around the world when they can't be there in person or watch on tv.
  2. How does it work? CurlingGeek relies on volunteers. For each game, a dedicated volunteer uses a laptop or tablet to drag the rocks around, add commentary, and chat with the fans. Everything is browser based: there's no software to install, and it all works well under Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc.
  3. Is this free? Yup! Free to view, and free to broadcast. Expect ads to show up eventually, but I don't ever expect I'll be charging for the base service.
  4. Can I broadcast an event? Yes! No event is too large or too small. My favourite broadcasts are those where someone is just sharing a single game with some family members trapped at home. A bantam playoff game that only Grandma and Grandpa care about back home? That's exactly what this site was built for
  5. How do I get started? Please send an email to and I'll get you set up. There is no software to install, and most people can learn to geek a game in just a few minutes. It really is that easy!
  6. What if I have a big event? Are you hosting a provincial? A big cash spiel? A GrandSlam? CurlingGeek loves those too! Send an email to and we can figure out the best way to use CurlingGeek to make your event great.
  7. Who is CurlingGeek? Read about me here.